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We have Auto Warranty, Financing Available, Please call 814 797 5937, if no answer, please leave a message or email cornys@live.com. Be sure to bring your Auto or Light Truck back to Cornys for Service. We do Auto, Light Truck Wheel Alignment, Engine Diagnostics, Anti-Lock Brake Diagnostics, Scheduled maintenance such as Timing belt Replacement, Coolant Flush, Transmission Flush, Featuring Amsoil Oil Synthetic oil Change, Engine Performance, Free Service Reminder System, Pa State Inspection plus 35 Years of Experience Maintaining Your car, Your Parents Cars, Your Siblings Truck, Grandparents Car, You Get the Picture. We also provide in house registration, license plates for cars, motorcycle, light trucks,trailers. Find us at 6845 Route 208 Knox PA 16232. As in the past 35 plus years Great service with a Smile !

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